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Green Mt, Seabeck, WA The Last hike for the year - Solo Hike
 Wildcat trailhead - Vista - Beaver Pond trail - Wildcat trailhead ---Estimated 10 miles with 1000 ft gain

This picture was taken on the Wildcat Trail. From left, Cascades, Seattle, & Mt Rainer were visible.

My last hike for the year 2010 was solo hiking the Green Mt at Seabeck (Kitsap County). About 12 miles with 1700 ft elev gain. Looking forward to long hiking/backpacking in year 2011 (year of the Rabbit).

Cascades, Mt Rainier  from Wildcat trail.jpg

Cascades, Mt Rainier, and Adams from Wildcat trail.jpg




Olympics from Plummer trail.jpg

Isaac's Journey Home Page