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Sea-Kayaking around the Liberty Bay, Poulsbo (10-22-2011)----About 8 miles.

The weekend was forcasted groomy with 90% chance of rain on Saturday and 50% of shower on Sunday.  I was planning to hike on Saturday and sea-kayak paddle on Sunday, but swapped my plan.   On Saturday,  I paddled around the Liberty Bay, Poulsbo.   My primay goal was to get the feel of the paddle position while paddling so that I can use it when conducting high brace next Sunday (30 Octobor).  During last Sunday's roll attempt at the Bremerton swimming pool,  both my body and paddle were not in position to roll back.  I watched a UTube video over and over that a paddler learned how to roll back with a high brace technique in 6 minutes.  I really felt that that's what I should learn in sea-kayaking as well as learning how to roll back my kayak.

I paddled the Liberty Bay before, so I did the same in counter clockwise paddling and in simialr timing with the tide:  catch the tide from Keyport community pier to Poulsbo Park.   When the tide turns at 1417, catch the tide back to the pier.  Water was calm as I started.   Talked to John Doornick (Excellenet Greenlnad Kayker & co-worker) about 10-15 minutes who lives right by the Bay.   Then, I stopped by at the Poulsbo Bookstore to say hi to a fellow PWC member.   When I got back in the water at 1500,  the wind had picked up and the water was choppy.  I got little scared but kept on paddling and tried to stay close to the shore.I paddled non-stop 1 hour and got back to the Keyport pier.  I was in no danger of capsizing.  My boat was quite stable.  As I crossed the Bay to the Keyport pier, it was good to know that water was calmer on the South side than the North side.  

In overall, I had a decent workout and understood the paddle position.  I hope that I can use the paddle position effectively during next Sunday's pool session.  The weather was decent, even had short peekaboo blue sky on the East side.  It did not rain at all.

















Isaac's Journey Home Page