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 Kayak Pool Session #2 at YMCA Bremerton - Skill Practice (10-16-11)

It was the 2nd of the 11 sessions for kayak skill practice sponsored by Peninsula Wilderness Club (PWC) at a local pool.    A max of 12 people participated for the 16 Oct session.  Paddlers practiced self & assisted rescue and various types of rolls.  Sincere thanks to Tom Henning, Paul Dutky, John Doornink,  Les Moore, & Charlie Michel who helped out the other members and friends.   It's always good to see good paddlers.  Also, I was glad to see some new faces.

My primary objective was to roll a kayak when capsized.  I felt like I could do it but when in the water, my legs were almost powerless to hip snap which indicated that my body was in a a wrong position for the setup position.  I really need to think hard and pratice diligently on proper hip snaps, head down, and smooth body motion.   When I was in the water capsized,  I was disoriented and was unable to positioin for a roll setup postion.  Once capsized in the wather, it's quite a different environment.  I was able to come back up using the high brace motion but on a capsized position, I realized that it was not easy to set up for the roll position.  John taught me how to lay back and float, then roll back.  It was quite easy and I could possibly repeat.  However, my kayak has a high back, so I can not lay back much, but need to hip snap, lower head, proper body motion, and come backup.   Paul demonstared a few times that looked very smooth and easy, but I just could not do it.   Toward the end of the session, I think I finally learned how to hip snap with more power, but still lifed my head and did not have my body motion....

Well,  I felt like I was almost there, and anxious to be in the water again on 30 October.  I should be able to do the roll pretty soon.  I am planning to attend rest of the sessions and have a solid roll before all the sessions over.  

                         YMCA,  Bremerton, WA                                                                                   Skill Practice Sessions: Self & Assisted Rescue & Roll











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