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Cross Country Skiing at Cabin Creek (near Sonoqualmie Pass) - 6 miles of Nordic skiing. (1-8-2011)

I forgot my camera.... Maybe, it was better not to have a camera for this trip since it might have broken by now due to a number of falls. Just one picture using my Cell Phone....

The Cabin Creek is part of the Hyak State Sno-Park, WA. (elev about 2500 ft), about 5 miles south of the Sonoqualmie Pass. For the driving distances, it is about 100 miles from Bremerton and 50 miles from Seattle.

This trip was a Pensular Wilderness Club (PWC) outing sponsored by Paul Dutky (PWC president). Six of us got together at the destination: 3 of us drove and the other 3 took a ferry. I was thanksful to catch a ride and cross country ski for the FIRST TIME in my life. Paul gave me a quick lesson about snowplowing which was a V technique to slow down or stop. It helped a lot. In general, Nordic Skiing was a lot harder than I anticipated. Moving forward technique was similar to ice skating but a lot different and harder due to its ski length. I took a few falls on a downhill but did not get injured. With my below novice level, snow plowing would not work well on a couple of hills without much snow. If the hill was too steep and appeared to be dangerous, then I simply walked down to avoid unnecessary injury. Not sure where it happened but, on the Ozbaldy loop, one lady appeared to break her ankle. Luckily, she was hauled away by a snowmobile.

Paul, Barney, and Greg ski-skated about 12-14 miles. Bruce, Jacqi, and I did about 6 miles (Ozbaldy loop).

In overall, it was an excellent work-out in winter wonderland environment. I wished I took some pictures. It was affordable by sharing the expenses of car gas, bridge toll, and Sno-Park permit. I would love to go back out for more Nordic skiing.

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