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Nordic Skiing at Cabin Creek (near Sonoqualmie Pass) (3-20-2011)

What a fun day at the Cabin Creek on the first day of SPRING 2011 !!! It was two consecutive nice days we had after two consecutive wet weekends. I was planning on another day-hike on a local trail today but got a last minute invite yesterday to Nordic ski at the Cabin Creek. I was thrilled to go there again. Paul D, Tom H, & Greg H skate skied and I classic skied. The skate skiers are usually a lot faster than the classic skiers. So, I skied on my own pace. My goal was to test out my skills (snow plowing and downhill without falling), for surely, for the last time this year. For skillwise, I still need to practice more. Maybe, next year. Today, I really got what I wanted: a bit of snow plowing in the morning and some fast downhill skiing in the afternoon. For about 5 hours, I classic skied about 20 miles by skiing the most difficult hills at the Cabin Creek. I really appreciated everybody for going together. Let's keep staying healthy.









Isaac's Journey Home Page