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 Mountain-Biking at Port Gamble (2-26-2012) - About 14.8 miles with 1000 ft elev gain in 3.5 hours.

Weather forcast in the weekend was not looking good.  It was expected to have some low land snowing, raining, and gusty wind.   The Saturday paddle at the Long Lake sponsored by a PWC member was cancelled due to its inclement weather.   On Saturday, I ended up hiking about 5 miles with a couple fo PWC members at the Ueland Tree Farm.  It turned out to be a nice dry day.   On Sunday, I coordinated a mountain bike trip for a half-day at the Port Gamble.  Charlie P lead the routes and Charlie M also joined the trip.  It was my first time biking the area.  The main loop was the dirt road, then there were a web of single tracks.  Some tracks were semi-wet and very wet.  I was glad that I did not bring along our family dog, Tippy.  She would have been really muddy.  

On the contrary to inclement weather forcast, it was a nice sunny Sunday.  It did snow for a tiny bit earlier.  In overall, it was another fantastic mountain-bike ride: experience of the new areas, plenty of exercise, heavy breathing, sore legs, etc.  I am for sure I would come back to bike again.







Isaac's Journey Home Page