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Mountain-Biking from Ueland Tree Farm to Mine Shaft & Gold Mt (4-1-2012) - About 20.7 miles with 2000 ft elev gain in 4 hrs 45 minutes

Weather has been lousy for the whole week.  Since the last Sunday, it's been raining, drizzling, raining, brief sunshine, raining, pouring, and so on.  I was lucky to paddle the Port Gamble Bay with the PWCers on Saturday.  It was raining and drizzling at most of time, but I enjoyed paddling and comfortably rolling with Paul's Tempest 170 kayak.  It was a nice boat. On Sunday, I wanted to hike decent miles to have endolfine flowing on my body.  My body has been feeling groggy due to lack of exercise.  It was a nice sunny Sunday in contrary to the weather forecast.  I took out the umbrella I packed and decided to take my mountain bike instead.  On a Kitsap Hikers' Facebook, nobody contacted me to hike together, so, I had a lazy start (lack of motivation).  I dropped Paul's kayak off at his house and headed to the Ueland Tree Farm.  Of course, I took Tippy (our family dog, a Golden Retriever) with me.

This was my second time biking over to the Green Mt area.  The first was when Paul took the PWCer about 2 months ago.  My goal was to bike to the Mine Shaft and back, a little easier than the previous route we took. I took the easy route to the GM 6 then, took the single track to the Mine Shaft trail.  It was not easy that I carried my bike on the most of single tracks.  The trail was very muddy, and had full of roots and lots of water puddles.  When I got to the Mine Shaft, I did not want to go back on the same muddy route.  So, I continued on to the Gold Creek Trailhead.  Its trailhead is also known for hiking up the Green Mt and Gold Mt.

On the way back, it started to drizzle then stopped about half way.  I basically walked up the hills and paddled to the gravel pit where I took a 5 minutes break. When I got home, I was tired. It was more workout than I anticipated.  Later in the evening,  my whole body was sore but I felt good.  Tiredness and sore muscles could be due to drinking insufficient water (drank only 1L) and lack of breathing exercise (body needed more oxygen).  












 Isaac's Journey Home Page