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Sea Kayaking (skill practice) - Crossing eddies at the Brownsville Marina, Bremerton, WA (Sunday, 4-8-2012) (1600-1715pm)
(Excellent experience for swift current and eddy current during tidal exchange)

When I started kayaking April last year, I attended this same event in June.  I was very intimated with the fast flowing current under the bridge and had hard time paddling up the current.  I was afraid of paddling across the strong current or going back ward.  This year,  I was in no danger of capsizing and felt very comfortable.  My boat could be in any position along the down current and I felt comfortable controlling my boat.  Last year, there were about 8 people but this year, there was only Bob, Keith, and I.

While waiting for the water to flooding in around 1600, we put in our boats around 1530 and paddled near the Marina working on our paddling strokes and edge-turning, etc.  Just passed 1600, I waited a little longer to ensure my boat did not touch the rocks or barnacles on the bottom.  Then, one lady with an inflatable boat showed up and went down the current under the bridge to the bay !   Three of us managed to paddle up against the current but the lady was not even close.  She did not have strength and paddling technique.  She was stuck in the bay more than one hour !!!  Water was flooding in faster around 1645.  We continued to play paddling up the current, holding the boat steady up on the eddy,  paddling through the middle of the current, planning the boat directly across the current, riding backward, etc.  Wow, it was fun, and a good workout in a short time period.  Close to 5pm, the lady with an inflatable kayak gave up and decided to walk under the bridge stepping on the barnacles.  She did not even have the shoes on !  And she might puncture the kayak. I offered my sandals but she did not need them.  Bob towed her to the Marina side while she walked under the bridge. She probably had a good work out and would remember the lesson forever.

Keith and I practiced rolls around 1645 and at the end around 1705.  I rolled my boat the day before very well with 100% confidence but I was not feeling comfortable for some reason at the Marina.  Later, I found that my body was fatigue and rigid.  In earlier roll attempt, I rolled my kayak a couple of times marginally.  Then, I missed one roll and did not even try the 2nd attempt.  I tried to perform the re-entry roll after the wet exit but could not do it.  I re-rolled using Bob's bow.  Then, I tried to roll Bob's boat which should be very easy.  I rolled a few times but missed roll again.  I was not feeling good, and my body was stiff.  Actually, prior to this paddling trip, I worked on the yard from 0930-1315 without any break: cut grass, raked the leaves, cleaned the backyard, picked the dandelions, etc.    My body was just too tired that I did not notice due to excitement playing in the eddies.





















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