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Sea-Kayaking around the Liberty Bay, Poulsbo (Class 1-2, Saturday, 10-6-2012)----About 8 miles.

I wanted to start padding for a few hours once a week in the weekend.  This paddle trip was my first since the April paddling trip to the San Juan Island.  Since I did not have any particular day-hiking for the weekend,   I decided to sponsor the trip with Paul.  Paul suggested a couple of options for the paddling location.   I opted to go with the Liberty Bay since I paddled there a few times.   Surprisingly, it was a good turn out.   We had a total of 7 paddlers.   It was a very nice day.   We started around 0940 and came back to the Keyport pier at 1320.   At the end of paddling, I usually like to practice assisted rescue and roll, but did not have motivation and concerned with getting wet in the storage compartments.

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Isaac's Journey Home Page