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Sea Kayaking at Port Townsend Area, Port Townsend, WA (Sunday, 12-23-2012) ---9.5  miles, Class III maybe IV (1030-1440)

It was a last minute paddling trip coordinated by Les, Charlie, Paul, and I.   And the last paddle for the year 2012.   Les and I initiated the paddle for the weekend and luckily all of us could paddle together.  All of us have not paddled together for a while since Charlie has been paddling with the Tacoma Mountaineers.   Charlie and Paul taught me how to self & assisted rescue at the Kitsap Lake when I bought my kayak in Jan 2011.   On July 2011,  we paddled from Anacortes to Friday Harbor (Called "The Cattle Pass"), about 25 miles.  It was an epic paddle that I really enjoyed.   

For the paddle, it was sunny earlier when we headed out.   It was raining while we were driving back home.   Water was "very" choppy when we just got out of the boat harbor.   I was a bit nervous since I have not paddled such water for a while.   Les suggested to paddle along the shore toward the Port Townsend Ferry Dock,  which might give me some confidence.    Before the Ferry Dock,  I decided to roll with my new boat to ensure myself that I could paddle across the channel to Fort Flaggler.  I knew that I could easily roll with my new kayak.   Well, I rolled twice and gained a huge confidence.    Water was still choppy but I was no longer afraid of capsizing.     As we got closer to the middle of the channel,  water was a lot calmer.    

We stopped by at a place (can't remember the place) and had a short lunch at the West end of the Fort Flagger camp ground.   The camp ground was littered with tree debris and flooded a bit with recent storm.  The camp ground was way too close to the beach.    After a nice snack break,  we leisurely paddled back enjoying some views of the Mt Baker and the Cascades mountains.   Also, the water was a lot calmer.    In overall,  it was excellent to be out with the excellent PWC paddlers.


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