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Cross Country Ski at the Cabin Creek Sno-Park, Snoqualmie, WA (3-10-2012)  ---8 miles with 700 ft elev gain.

On the weekend, I wanted to do a tough dayhike/snowshoeing or XC ski on Saturday as I would be taking it easy or using different muscle on Sunday by practicing sea-kayak roll and self-rescuing at the Bremerton YMCA pool.  Well,  Paul was willing to skate-ski despite having tennis elbow and solicited several XC skiers.  It ended up just Paul and I XC skiing at the Cabin Creek.  It was our first time visiting there for the winter.  It's the place where I started classic skiing last winter and have been enjoying since.  I felt like I could classic ski any place (all difficulty levels) at the Cabin Creek Sno-Park.   I knew that I would tremendously enjoy its many short ups and downs.  Yes, it was lots of fun.

It was raining, raining, and raining pretty much all day.  However, very luckily, rain either stopped or slightly drizzled while we were skiing during 1040-1320.  We made a nice loop with a decent elevation gain.  I felt like I could ski all day and felt great being able to XC ski on a lousy day.  We headed back home while it was raining and raining until we got to the Kitsap County.






 Isaac's Journey Home Page