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 Half-DayWeekend Hike/Bike with Isaac (Feb 2013)

Starting in Nov 2012, I sponsored a Half-Day Hike/Bike for the weekend when I did not have any particular outdoor activities.   Here were some hikes in Feb 2013.

Sat, 2-2-2013: Hiked Clear Creek Trail in Silverdale. Just 2 miles with Tippy since nobody else signed up.

Sun, 2-10-2013: Biked Ueland Tree Farm. Charlie P, Tippy, and I biked about 11 miles in 2 hours.

Sun, 2-24-2013: Biked Ueland Tree Farm. Kathy P, Tippy, and I biked about 11 miles in 2 hours.

Description (on the Peninsula Wilderness Club (PWC) website)

Isaac wants to invite potential PWC members, newcomers, and everyone else to these relatively easy half-day hikes. They will occur either Saturday or Sunday depending on his schedule.
Check this calendar for specifics, as Isaac will update the event entry (day, location, or cancellation) by the Friday before the weekend. 
If you can't reach him at home, try his cell:
These hikes will be 4-12 miles long, up to 1500 ft elevation gain, and about five hours in duration. The destination may be changed by consensus.
Meet at the Silverdale Skateboard/Dog Park at 9 am to carpool. 

Possible hikes include:
1. Ilahee Forest Reserve & State Park about 4 mi.
2. Clear Creek Trail, Silverdale, - 2-4 mi.
3. Green Mountain, various trails - up to 8 mi.
4. Euland Tree Farm near Kitsap Lake - 4-8 mi. 
5. Newberry Hill Heritage Park - 4-8 mi.
6. North Kitsap Heritage Park, Indianola - 4-8 mi.

 Isaac's Journey Home Page