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Strolling in the Winter Wonderland (Deer Park Road, N Olympics (Sat, 12-7-2013)). 0900 – 1700.

I had never thought I would hike on the Deer Park Road until this hike. Thanks to Charlie for motivating me to get out since my last hike in Oct. Looked like the area (starting elev 1000 ft in N Olympics) had up to 1 ft of snow overnight. Surprisingly, there was even snow on the access road before the closed gate. The entire hike was on the snow but without snowshoes !!! When we saw a few hikers going up the Blue Mt at the Deer Park, we decided to go up as well. It was a fun day and had a good work-out (about 18 miles with 4000 ft elev gain). It was really cold, estimated at low 10s, but not much wind.  I hiked with under thermal layer for the first time ever… 

a Deer Park Road GPS.jpg








Isaac's Journey Home Page