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Hike, Balmy hiking at Elbo Creek Trail (Sun, 12-15-2013),  About 10 miles with 3000 ft elev gain.  0915-1445.

Weather (40s) has been mild starting in the mid week after a couple of weeks of chilly and cold weather (high 10s and low 20s).     This hike scheduled on Saturday but I had to move it to Sunday because our daughter was coming home from UW for the winter break.    Weather forecast was cloudy with 60% chance of rain in the Quilcene area.    I was hesitant to hike but a couple of hikers were interested in joining me.   I also solicited hikers from Kitsap Hiker's Facebook but nobody  was able to join me.    The theme of the hike was to show the routes as its upper area can be confusing at time.   It was just 4 of us: Bill, Paul, Tippy (family dog), and I.   Its trail was the first for Bill who we hiked the Notch Pass trail together April this year.   Paul hiked its trail a few times about 5 years ago.  

It turned out to be an excellent day: nice and warm.   It was all blue sky while heading up and had some decent views at the top.    I thought that Its trail was probably in a best condition as there was no down tree in the lower area (below 2300 ft elev) and there were lots of ribbon markings in the upper area.   It was probably due to some maintenance done by "The Kitsap Outdoor Meetup" that cleared some trees in the upper area in a month ago or so.

We started at 0915, took 1/2 break at the summit, and returned back at 1445.   Two thumbs up for the hike during this time of year with nice weather and good camaraderie.

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Isaac's Journey Home Page