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Last Kayak Pool Session at Bremerton YMCA (Sun, 4-14-2013)

I had a wonderful time in practicing bracing, edging, Greenland paddling, rolling, and re-entry rolling. For the season, it was the last 4th pool session planned by the PWC. The first session in Jan did not happen because the YMCA forgot to open the door for us. So, we got a freebie (free entrance fee) in Feb. Thanks to Dan Montgomery and Paul Dutky for sponsoring the events this year. I was fortunate to participate all three events, and also participated a few pool sessions held by Tacoma Mountaineers at Gig Harbor. My goal this year was to achieve "bomb proof roll" on the right side. I think I finally got it about 95%, not quite a bomb proof but pretty close. Looking forward to next year's events.




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