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Sea Kayak Circumnavigating the Blake Island from Manchester (Sunday, 3-31-2013) --- 8 miles, Class III (due to channel crossing)

 It was the best day so far since the last fall (maybe since the summer 2012) !  It was all blue sky with close to mid 70s.   It was a last minute trip planned by Paul Dutky.  Nine of us (Keith, Pam, Shawn, Cameron, Jerry, Jackie & friend, Paul, & Isaac) paddled together from the Manchester Boat ramp.   And 4 other paddlers (Bruce, Maria, Eric, & Stephanie) paddled from Fort Ward, Bainbridge Island.  It was about 8 miles.   As we paddled away from the Boat ramp, water was little choppy but with almost no wind.    Temp was so warm that I occasionally dipped by hand to cool down.   We paddled to the Sand Spit on the West and continued to paddle around counterclockwise to the East of the Blake Island close to the heated restroom facility.    We took a good lunch break there.   I opted to practice rolls, re-entry roll, and bracing.  Shawn also practiced rolls.   He was very skilled in rolls.

The paddlers from the Bainbridge Island stayed at the Sand Spit on the West side.    Bruce came by when we were about to launch our kayaks to head home.     Later on just over a mile or so later,  when we were paddling back, I realized that I did not have my camera.     I misplaced the camera somewhere at the boat launch/lunch area at the Blake Island.  I went back to look for the camera.   The paddlers from the Bainbridge Island were taking a break there.   We could not find my camera.   It was a decent waterproof camera that I had used for a couple of years.  So, I thought that  I already had a good use of it taking lots of pictures.

While I was looking for my camera, the worst thing was that my group headed home without me because they did not know what I was doing.  I thought that I told one of the paddlers but did not clearly communicate with the other paddlers for the rendezvous point for the return trip.  I ended up paddling by myself crossing the channel from the Blake Island to the Manchester Boat Ramp.   It was an important lesson for me to communicate clearly with the other paddlers if we were going to be separated.

Other than the GPS data, the pictures here are from the Facebook where Shawn Roots posted them.

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