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Sea Kayaking Dyes Inlet, Silverdale,  WA (Sunday, 1-27-2013) --- 5.5 miles, Class II

It was the first paddle in 2013 !   It was a last minute paddle.   After learning Bob McBride was in town, I called him on Thursday and we decided to paddle a few miles on Sunday.    Paul, the PWC calendar master posted the trip on the website but nobody else showed up.    It was my first paddle in the area other than Megan and I paddled from the Chico Boat ramp to Silverdale Boat ramp on 12/30/2012.  That's when I dropped my eye glasses while attempting to roll.   Luckily, I recovered my glasses on 17 Jan 2013 during a low tide !!!  

I felt so good to be out and paddling.    Temperature was probably in low 40s with overcast.   We paddled through the culvert on the Bucklin Hill Road close to the Costco.   There were 2 more estuaries that I was not aware of.   On the 2nd estuary visit,  near the creek entrance, we talked to the home owner for a while.    Along the inlet,  there were many beautiful and huge houses.   Then, we took a break at the Anna Smith Park that I did not know about.  It had a masters garden.  Bob knew a lot about the place and he was a master gardener.    There are certain requirements to be a master gardener by attending classes and volunteering so many hours.  The place also had an amphitheater where Bob's son, Jeff, built some of the amphitheater seats back in 1988 as an Eagle Scout.  

In overall,  it was a good weekend spending the Saturday with my family (had lunch with wife and daughter, and grocery shopping with wife) and paddling a new place with Bob and Paul.


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Isaac's Journey Home Page