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 Sea Kayaking Rich Passage (Evergreen Park and Manchester park), Bremerton,  WA (Sunday, 3-24-2013) --- 12 miles, Class III (due to ferry lane crossing)

It was excellent to be out paddling with Paul.   Since it was a last minute posted/sponsored by Paul on the PWC calendar, nobody else signed up except for 2 of us.   Weather was probably the best (not sunny but least windy) among the past 7 days, however, it's still a bit cold.  Spring started a few days earlier but there were some snow in lowlands and heavy snow in Snohomish County.   It was frosty on the car front windshield and a bit chilly at high 30s in the morning and high 40s later.    We paddled from Evergreen Park, passed under the Manette bridge,  paddled to the Fishery near Fort Ward (Bainbridge Island, Kitsap County), crossed the channel to Manchester State park, and back to the Evergreen Park.  It was just over 12 miles.   The route was mostly on the Bremerton-Seattle Ferry Lane.   The sea was calm, close to Class I, but it was considered class III since we crossed the ferry lane twice each way.    I wanted to try my Greenland Paddle for the first time in the Sound (paddled once one week ago at the Island Lake) but I was too slow since I was not used to it.  I switched to the Euro Paddle and kept at a  reasonable distance with Paul.   Paul was not paddling hard but I was surely working hard.  Because of busy paddling,   I took limited pictures.

It was quite a bit of varieties for the day as we paddled from Evergreen Park, fishery near Fort Ward, Manchester park, and back:  
a.  Met Pam (Paul's acquaintance) just passing the Manutte Bridge and around the corner to the North.  She was bicycling and recognized Paul.
b.  Saw an Eagle perched on warning piling for the boaters.  
c. Saw a fishery up close and For Ward in the distance.
d. Saw a bunch of seals near the fishery.
e. Saw the Mount Rainier, partially covered and obscured by clouds.
f. Lunched at the Manchester State Park.   It was neat to see the reminiscent (a couple of buildings) of the immunization storage.   Used to store the torpedoes in late 1800s !!!
g.  Saw Tom Henning and his wife sailing on a BIG Boat.   Tom saw us and turned toward us to say hello.   Looked like they are having a great time.
h.  Observed both the Wheaton Way Bridge and Manette Bridge from the Sound.
i. Saw the Olympics over the Wheaton Way Bridge.

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