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The Flowers are blooming at Mt Walker (1.6 miles one way with 1800 ft elev gain), Friday, 5-24-2013

I wanted to show my son a different route to Mt Townsend since we hiked Mt Townsend via the South TH (Big Quilcene TH) for a couple of times in the past,    However, I was not sure if we could get to the Little Q TH with our truck since we needed a higher clearance than our van.   The other concern was the inclement weather.   We ended up hiking Mt Walker.  Les who has been my hiking/climbing/kayaking partner joined us.  Its roundtrip to both South and North Summit is about 5 miles with 2000 ft elev gain.

The lower poriton of the Mt Walker tail is fully loaded with the Washington State Flower, Rhododendron.  Looks like it will take a couple more weeks for the full bloom. 

The hike tuned out to be too much for my son.  He was out of shape to make it to the top.  He made to about 1/3 way, went down, and picked us up at the South Summit.  Last year, we hiked the Mt Townsend without any problem.  During the last semester in college,   he said that he had not worked out at all.   Even a short trail of 1 mile with 1000 ft elev gain is tough for those who are not in physical shape.    Les and I rushed to the top and greeted by a number of folks that one of them recognized me.   I think we have not hiked together before butt I know him through the Kitsap Meetup.

In overall,  I felt really good looking at the wild Rhodies started blooming and getting some fresh air.

The Washington State Flower, Rododendron, is blooming.

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