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Mountain Bike, Quad Exercise (6/15, 6/17, 9/13, 9/28, 12/7)
This closes my 2014 outdoor activity

Biking from Ueland Tree Farm to Green Mt turned out to be my last outdoor activity for this year.   Since I bought a new mountain bike earlier this year,  I tried to bike every weekend to be in shape but was not able to keep it up due to my lack of motivation.   I also avoided my outdoor activities on Saturdays to spend time with my wife.  Another reason was probably absense of my hiking buddies, Les and Paul  who have been on injury list.   I probably bike a few more times in the weekend but did not quite document my activities.   This closes my 2014 outdoor activities.   Hope that I have some backpacking and hiking trips in 2015.

a Mt view, Silverdale Way, 9-13-2014.jpg

a, Bike-Hike-Paddle Event 2014.jpg







Sunday, 6-15-2014:
I biked this route a few times: home to Mountain View Road,  Clear Creek Road,  Silverdale way,  Ridge Top Blvd, and back home loop.   I could not remember the date but I biked Paulís house and came back.

On Tue, 17 June,  I biked with the WSCC (West Sound Cycle Club) for the first time.   They have been biking every Tues from Ueland Tree Farm to Green Mt.  We biked quite fast.   The whole trip took only about 3 hours.

Sunday, 12-7-2014:

Jay Spady (West Sound Cycling Club) posted to hike to Green Mt on WSCC Facebook.  I joined him.   At the summit,  he wanted to experiment taking unusual photos.   He went to the north route below the climberís rock and climbed a tree.   He took a picture of me posing my bike on the other side of the fence at the summit !     He and I came back in 3.5 hours.    Jay showed me a couple of new routes going around the watershed.   It was a good trip.

aGreen Mt M-Bike 6-17-2014.jpg







Green mt summit by Jay.jpg

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