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Hiking Elbo Creek with a side trip to Mt Walker (about 13 miles with 4700 ft elev gain), Fri, 6-6-2014

I was planning to have a day-off for the day but ended up doing a long day hike on my day off.    On Wed, 4 June,  I met a possible PWC member, Behlrang at the PWC meeting.     I chatted with him and offered help with any of outdoor activities.    I found out that he liked to hike.   He sounded like a strong hiker and got some training on mountain climbing.     I was hoping to find a weekend hiking partner since Les and Paul would be out for a while due to injury.    Then, we talked about the PWC weekly Green Mt hike that he wanted to hike and would like to know the driving direction to the trailhead.    I offered to drive him to the trailhead and hike together.

After the Green Mt hike, on the way home,  I told him that I was off next day and could possibly hike.   He wanted to hike.    Since I did not know him well with his fitness condition,  I offered to take him on a moderate hike and hike more if wanted.     We hiked the Elbo Creek (8 miles roundtrip with 2700 ft elev gain).   He was fine with it.    Then, we hit the Mt Walker Trail almost right across the Elbo Creek Trail.  It's short but quite steep trail (2 miles with 2000 ft elev gain).       The total hiking spec was 13 miles with 4700 ft elev gain !!!  

He was impressed with Mt Walker trail condition which was wide and well maintained.    He maintained steady pace and did excellent.   He really liked the views at the both North and South Summit.   I actually did also since it was the nicest day ever for the Mt Walker hike.      I found out that his interest was more in climbing mountain like Mt Rainer and high mountains.

Well,  I am hoping that Behlrang and I hike some tough dayhikes together while he is off till early July.    I do not mind hiking solo but prefer to have a partner.

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