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Family Canoe paddling at Island (Sunday, 7-13-2014,  Time 1950 -2040)

I have been tied up in the weekend (most of Saturdays) spending time with my family.   We were going to hike Vance Creek Bridge that my daughter mentioned about.   She heard of if form her friend.  I also heard of it from Jay Thompson (PWC webmaster) trip report.   Jay has the best instruciton how to get there on his blog.   I googled it up and saw a few trip reports, but Jay's blog has the best instruciton how to get to its trailhead.    Looks like a popular place to check out among young adventurous minds.   

Since the Temp shot over 90F for the first time over the weekend,  my wife decided not to go.     At the last minutes,  we decided to canoe paddle at the Island Lake.   It was probably 3-4 years ago when we paddled together at Wildcat Lake in Seabeck Area.    After the Sun went down,  we headed to the Lake to cool off.     It was indeed cool as there were some breeze coming from West.    The Lake looked nice with over taken Lily Pads.    I was amazed at how those unusual aquatic plats seem to float on top of the water.     Some of its stems were spiraling up, maybe to strengthen its stem. 

This trip was sort of a VIP trip for my 3 ladies (wife, daughter and Tippy (7 years old Golden Retriever)).    I paddled by myself using my old Kayak paddle while they enjoy the sceneries.   It worked out great.   Both my wife and daughter enjoyed.    For me,   it was a good workout on paddling (2 laps or about 2 miles).    After the paddle,   I could feel some tightness on my upper torso.

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