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Sea Kayaking from Chico Bay to Lions Park, Bremerton, WA (Sun, 11-23-2014), 9.6 miles loop. Time spent 1030-1530

Paul organized this trip and had a nice turn out.  It was the first paddling event in the rainy & cold season,  It was also the first paddling trip with the PWC members and friends this year since the 4 days of paddling trip to San Juan Island in April.  Paul has been recovering from his back surgery.  It was his first paddling trip since his surgery in early this year.   Weather was just perfect after weeks of rainy weekends.   I paddled in the area several times but never been to the Lions’ Park.    It was a quite neat place with a huge open area to the view to the Sound, walk ways,  and children play area. 

We stopped by at the Chico Bay for the Salmon runs.  It was close to the end of season for the salmon runs.   A few Salmon caucus were still floating but most of them were on the bottom.   And a flock of seagulls were enjoying a feast.    Then, we paddled to Bremerton yacht Marina and checked out a wonderful house on an island.   The house was close to completion with residents.  Last time Paul and I paddled there last year or so,  it was still building.  We could not go through the culvert because of a low tide.  We turned around and headed to Lions Park for lunch. 

In overall,  it was a fun event and thanks to Paul for organizing the trip.

High Tide 0633am 12.3 , Low Tide 1136am 6.8,   High Tide 1800pm 11.4.      Sunrise 0725am,  Sunset 0425pm

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Isaac's Journey Home Page