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Link to Julie's wedding (18 April, 2015).   Link to Andrew's wedding (17 June, 2017).

Last get-together party for the year 2K at Sam's house with mother (12/30/2000):
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Experimenting with an HP digital camera from older Brother (David).... Dec 2000.
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While Visiting Hawaii 1995 ???
                              With PC Camera (1999):

From Kelly (8 years old !!!): (in 1999)
Do you want to read Kelly's story? 
Click here to read it.
(The story was written for the Kid's writing competition in State Level.)

                                         Some of Memorable Pictures:
(Julie and Andrew)


While stationing in Hawaii (1980s ???)
(Top row: KyungSuk, Mother, Andrew, KyungHee, HanKyu
   Front: Julie.)